Friday, 19 March 2010

Restaurant Coconut Flower @ Teluk Gong

During CNY I bring my friend to have a dinner at Teluk Gong, the place to be for a nice seafood. Frankly I do not think Klang Seafood is nice but majority of people like to come to Klang for Seafood Dinner.

So I decided to go to the common seafood restaurant that I always go in Teluk Gong which is Coconut Flower. Well, the name come from the Coconut Flower liquor or toddy. It was nice if it was serve with a little bit of Guinness Stout.

So here is what we order.

Stir fried mantis prawn with dry chili (Kong Pou Har Kao)
- I like this dish as it taste good. A little bit of spicy and sweetness plus with the fresh mantis prawn make the whole dish very nice. The serving is also quite big.

Tom Yum prawn in coconut shell
- The prawn wasn't that fresh maybe due to Chinese New Year season where there is less fisherman going to the sea. The tom yum is excellent...

Butter squid
- the butter doesn't blend well with the squid and the squid is a bit too hard to chew...hehe

Steam Lala
- is good but cannot compete with Lala Chong

Fried lala bee hoon
- Sadly the amount of lala is so insignificant that I thought i was actually eating a 'bee hoon goreng kosong'

Some greenery stuff to balance up the meal...

Well, overall the place was too commercialise. The restaurant can accommodate more than 120 tables at one time and they have to compromise with their food quality. However, the price was quite reasonable, and it was a nice place to hang around...Just make sure you come early to secure some parking....and yeah, dun forgot the coconut flower liquor....A must try!!

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