Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hometown Steamboat @ Kota Damansara

After a long period of working in IBM, I have become close to some of the colleagues, and steamboat has become one of the favorite outings, as we could have variety of food and the time we could spend together chit-chatting.

Hometown Steamboat is one of the new discovery that we went. Its located near Sunway Giza, in Kota Damansara, where a lot of pubs, clubs, and dessert shops are located. 

There are, of course, rules in ordering. There are few variety of soup base to be ordered, and the famous one are pumpkin porridge and normal porridge soup base. However, we ordered the normal one as the first-timer here. 
Normal one person set portion cost from RM15-RM20, but minimum two set must be ordered for one type/set choice. As we have 6 person, the waiter suggested the two different sets below, due to the difference in choice for the sets.

Pulau Ketam Fish Ball Set
Hometown Special Set
Wine Marinated Chicken
Besides the set, we ordered a few side dishes as well, i chose wine marinated chicken to try out whether they did marinate the chicken thoroughly. It was indeed quite good, as even after cooking, the fragrance of the wine stays.
One of my colleague that frequent this shop suggested the chicken wing as well, which taste as good as it looks.

The total bill went up to RM140 for 6 person and all of us went off with full stomachs.Overall rating would be 8/10 for this shop. Good choice for small gathering....Definitely a good hang out place.....

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