Sunday, 25 November 2012

YogiTree@The Garden

Who say guys dont go to afternoon tea?....Ok, sound diva....or sissy....but that is what I get from those aunty, chicks and little gal when me and another friend of mine who sit down at YogiTree at The Garden for high tea session.

We bought a groupon ticket for an afternoon tea for 2. It was cheap and healthy set I would say minus off all the weird looking stare from those gals especially 2 young chick pretending to be diva (u know what I mean....speaking with american accent and act cute on same time want maintain standard)

Anyway, this is what we get...

Tea for 2
A piece of cake (we choose pineapple upside down cake)
2 scones
Bruschetta - Pesto chicken bruschetta and grilled vegetable caramelized onion bruschetta. (OK, the one with alfalfa is just not for me...)
Scones (Omg, so sweet)

Verdict : Healthy and nice....The pineapple upside down cake is really good. The Bruschetta is nice too (minus off the alfalfa)....For scones I would say it is nice to eat while it was warm while the macaroon is way to sweet for my liking....

Anyway, somehow another, yogitree remind me of yogibear....Dont you think so? hehe

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