Sunday, 25 November 2012

Ole Ole Bali

I bet those who went to Bali will remember the dirty duck crispy duck and babi guling. Back in Malaysia, one famous restaurant that serve Bali food will be Ole Ole Bali.

Ole ole bali need no more introduction from any blogger as they manage to have the first mover advantage by being the very first few to serve Balinese food.

The restaurant is well decorated with Balinese theme setting with lot of Buddha painting. Ironic, Bali island are mostly Hinduisme but probably the photo of Buddha give a peaceful and calmness into the environment.

One food that I love in Ole Ole bali have to be its sate lilit. Fresh fish paste wrapped on the lemon grass and grill to perfection.

The nasi campur and ala-carte course normally come with choice of perfectly grilled chicken, seafood or lamb. Another stuff to shout about is the sambal terasi and sambal matah..

Here are some of the food we order. Love the cumi cumi goreng (fried sotong)..

Don't forget a jar of Barley Lime to go together with the meal....

Ole Ole Bali is own by one group call Bali Bistro that provide 5 different Balinese restuarant concept.

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