Friday, 9 January 2009

Vietnamese Cuisine

Hohohoho.. This is the first time I contribution the food section in this blogspot.. NOW, I would like to introduce this restaurant to you all, CoDo upstair of Little Vietnam...(Same management but serve different menu)

This restaurant is located at the top floor of Megamall Mid Vallay. Is beside the Korea Food Restaurant, opposite the GSC Cinema.

The interior design for this restaurant is quite elegant. Bottom seat is like sitting outside the mamak stall, while upstair like clasiccal style of Vietnamese restaurant (we also can look at the chefs whether they are lazy on cooking or not as well).

Look at their menu will makes us feel more hungry than ever.

Since we are two person in the restaurant, I can represent you all the set dinner (2pax) only.

Firstly, the appetizer, DRAGONFRUIT SALAD, combination of dragonfruit, minched peanut and vietnamese sour sauce. This will makes you has more appetizer before you start your meal courses.
CHICKEN BALL SOUP HU TIEU, feels like having "Ipoh Chicken Noodles" while drinking the soup. However, the chicken balls feel like an non-ordinary chicken ball where we can buy in the supermarket. The HU TIEU (noodle) is smooth and is easy to suck directly into your mouth.
LOTUS ROOT PANCAKE, the aroma of this pancake is nice and tasty to eat (surely is nicer than the carrot cake). You can dunk it into the sour sauce to make the pancake juicier and tasty.
VIETNAMESE SPRING ROLL, recommanded to eat it with the vegetable, so that you feel more variety of food inside your mouth (the spring roll is tooooooooo little for two person meal).
TOMATO FRIED RICE, feel like eating the dried srimp fried rice with some chinese meat becon. Don't taste like any tomato at all.
Finally, you will enjoy a cup of drink for each person (ice lime juice, ice lemon tea or soya bean).
The total of this set (including 5% tax, no services tax) is RM 38.50 only. This set is good for the light meal person. Those who can eat a lot, you can eat this set by your own.

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