Monday, 2 August 2010

Hong Kee Dim Sum in Damansara Jaya( Near Atria Mall)

I always favour Jin Xuan Dim Sum until Nicholas insist on going to Hong Kee, saying that Hong Kee is much cheaper. Well, this I could not deny, but still I favour Jin Xuan, cos they dim sum seems to be fresher and I personally think that it taste better.
this is a plate of fried 'lobak gou' that icould get in any stall in pasar.
the chicken legs did much better...just a bit too skinny for my taste.
siu long pau was nothing special
the pau was hard(apparently kept in storage for quite awhile and not heated well enough too'
'wu kok was also a big disappointment

The food are either not warm enough, not well heated enough or just plain.Its' always said that foods get from good to bad when a restaurant gets famous. Maybe i am just a bit too late...

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