Saturday, 28 March 2009

New Paris

Probably I am the last to blog about New Paris Restaurant….I believe this restaurant do not need any more introduction from me as it was very famous for its Chinese dishes.

A week ago, in conjunction with the homecoming of Mr Mighty Kan, we (Ken Yap, Nicholas, George Tan, Benedict Cho, Ker Shien and me of course) have a dinner at New Paris Restaurant. Noted that the restaurant will be fully booked at dinner time, I called the restaurant and make a reservation.

We order 5 dishes.
The famous Champagne Chicken serve with mouth watering water melon.

Sweet and Sour Steam Fish

Steam Lala in rice wine soup

Signature Tofu (not manage to snap a photo as everyone grabbing their share within second)

And some green vege to lighten the night…

Overall, I would say it was really a good dinner and the rice wine really making me drunky….wahhaa…just joking…

Harkausiewmai rating: 3.5/5

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