Sunday, 7 September 2008


After a stressful 10 hours or more in office working, what is more enjoying other than sleep is to eat the food that can twist your taste bud... Living in Malaysia, a country of multi racial, we live harmony and enjoy millions of foods from all races and ethnics in Malaysia. Our theme "Unity through Delicious Food" aim to mix all food from local up to international to unite the nation...Ok it seem too ambitious...hehe

Anyway, equip with a lousy and outdated Olympus FE-230, 7.1 mega pixel digital camera and lousy camera skill, we stop at any destination to eat and we will blog nice food to you...Mind you, our taste might be different from everyone...So is up to you to taste it...

The main kaki are:

Eddie aka Harkausiewmai

Famous for its nickname Harkau Siewmai after helping some friends to tapau harkau siewmai in K-worker camp in UTAR. Currently struggling in audit field trying to survive and create fortune out of it...Famous for talkative and unable to keep his mouth shut for 5 minutes. Like to blog but never have many reader...Like to take photo but never have artistic hand...

George Bush..i mean.....George Tan

Famous mamak kaki...Once he eat nice food, he will automatically be the daily customer....If he get bad food, you will never see him again in that shop...Some call him "golden tongue"...He enjoy good food, and most importantly delicious food...Who don't??

Thong Chai

Our main camera man if he is here...He is good in taking state of art photo, creating lousy food to be delicious... Any restaurant or stall serve non delicious food will sure get bad rating and you will never see him or any of his close friend there...He is also the god of eatery....Haha...If you saw him leaving any food on the plate, it mean the food is totally "not for human"....but if you see him ordering the second round, I assure the food is totally serve to perfection!!!

Mr Nicholas aka rubbish bin aka Mr Sesat

This fella is totally born to eat...He eat 24/7 and everything is nice to him...He force people to bring him to place he wanted to eat but he will never recall the place, the name of the shop or the food that he eat...=.="

He eat anytime, everywhere, anything...You will never see any pieces of things left on the plate or bowl because he always said "don't waste, imagine African have nothing to eat"

Don't ever let him know that we been to nice restaurant or stall without him as he will angry with us for few hours...The only way to please him back if he angry is treat him a plate of nasi lemak...For him, food is everything..."Yoa tak sek chou hai fook" (Got things to eat, is happiness)

Secondary Kaki:

Mighty the Kan

He is thin....He is fit....But one thing you cannot imagine....He eat a lot!!!

The Beezzzzy Bin Lie

How can we left our sweet housemate on hunger....She will follow us if she is free...This busy bee never have good time to rest as she is always beezzzzzzzzz busy

Mr Syok Sendiri

When we plan to have food blog this bugger come in and join without invitation....When we take photo of food, he post in front of the camera thinking we will bother to take his handsome picture...But one thing in common, he eat nice food...He is willing to travel miles and miles just to fulfill his golden taste bud of good food...He always said "No Bahkut teh is better than Klang"

To be invited:

Mr Strawberry Bing

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