Tuesday, 24 July 2012

川人百味(Chuan Ren Bai Wei @ Dataran Mentari, Sunway)

Has been quite addicted with Sichuan food recently. Its like a never ending craving, for the spice, and the numbness you feel if you accidently bite on the pepper like spice called '嘛 ’。 I bet that is why they are called ‘麻辣’ that is numbness and spicy.

I bet this dish should be familiar to all-麻婆豆腐 (mapo tofu). The difference of this dish with the one we always had, is that they added the pepper for the spiciness (they practically added the pepper to everything they cooked)

The next would be the considerably famous dish for Chongqing native. Known as 水煮鱼, or fish fillet in hot chili oil. I personally do not favor this dish, but certainly no bad comment on it. Just to say, personal liking problem.
This is actually one of my favorite Sichuan dish.It was called 蕨根粉(jue gen fen ), or Fern Root Noodle, often cooked in sweet, sour spicy way. According to Full Noodle Frontity, the noodle is actually made from starch extracted from the common bracken fern. Some might not favor the look of the blackish noodles, but they are indeed recommendable. 

I would not comment that this is not good. Its just that, this seems a little too common. Mashed Taro in fried spring roll crepes.
This is actually one of my favorite Sichuan dish, that a lot of people might oppose. 毛雪旺(mao xue wang),is actually a dish that has duck's blood cake as its main ingredient. But some will actually use pig's blood to replace the duck for duck's blood cake can be quite expensive. With a mix of other meat and innards, this can be quite a delicious dish to introduce, especially for those food lovers that are not picky towards innards. 
 If I am not mistaken, this dish is called 炸子鸡。 Typical fried chicken? Definitely not so simple. They are deep fried with bunches of dried chili and peppers. But, it can be quite fun to actually bite on the peppers, letting your tongue go numb for awhile.
After having too much of meat, we feel obliged to actually order some vegetable. However, the vegetables are really not just vege. They are stewed with a whole lot of pepper and chili too.

Here comes one thing that are not spicy. Fried pumpkin with salted egg. The pumpkin is a little sweet, which can be a good combination when its cooked with salted egg.

Alright....that would be all for today's blog post. 
Stay tune until I found my liking for some other weird foreign food. 

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